Monday, 8 June 2015

Final Assessment Portfolio

Althroughout the semester I have always came prepared to class with gym clothes and runners, sometimes I  change out of these clothes after PE to prevent myself from smelling and feeling nasty the entire day xD I tried not to ever sit out during activities also in  Fitness even with my injuries because I still want to be able to participate with a few modifications. I ALMOST always try to do activities with positivity, effort and hella lot of motivation also towards activities im unfamiliar with. An example of this is when we played tchoukball, I had no idea what this activity was so I was quite clueless when I first played it. But I ended up loving the activity and I especially enjoyed it when the girls in our class came together and played it with our own rules that we've slightly modified. My skills towards some activities are limited because most of the activities we had done this semester were very new and unfamiliar to me, nonetheless it never stopped me from trying, enjoying and participating fully on the activity. On choice days I try to always choose what's best fitting for my goal or what I'm only able to do with my injured knee. Another good example is when we did locomotion outside on the lower field; That was the first fitness I've done properly in almost a month so I pushed myself pretty hard which also had caused my knee to cramp therefore, I had to stop a few times to rest my knee towards the end of it. I was proud of myself that day because I knew I really pushed myself in a good way that I felt good after the workout and in bad way that my knee was in so much pain. I believe i deserve a 20% in this category.

Social Responsibility and Contribution to the Class:
Throughout this semester I've to talked to every one in class even if it's just once or twice throughout the semester. I did struggle quite a bit trying to approach the guys in our class and being able to voice out my opinion when they were taking lead, but all is good. During games i try my best to get everyone involved in the activity and make sure they enjoy as much the rest of class do. For example during a choice day Neeha and myself took lead in splitting up the teams and explains how the activity worked. During the game I tried to talk to the grade8/9 girls who were alone or even just the once that didn't look interested in playing the activity and convinced them to go up at least twice and actually participate fully on the game, which they did !! Also one time before I got all injured we had a choice on either playing hockey or going up in the weight room; I decided to go up in the weight room and asked Miriam if she wanted to join me since she didn't really have anyone to go with. OH MAAAN Ima just say it was one of my favourite gym days because I was able to get to know her and seeing her trying her best to follow along with my workouts just truly inspired me. Ever since grade8 I've always been 100% honest about my fitness scoring when I'm being asked because there shouldn't be a reason for me to be lie or hide about my fitness scores because the only person I'd be lying to is myself. Im personally fine if I'm getting 8 on a beep test and not 10+ because I know that my body ain't made for that xD but I do know my strengths. No shame I actually love my body, I have my weaknesses and I have my strengths but don't we all... Ima be honest and say I actually love my "weaknesses" because of these I'm able to challenge myself and strive for improvement. For these reasons i believe i deserve a 21% in this category.

Healthy Living:
This semester I've learned a lot about my body and how to live a healthy life physically even after PE10. Previously  I did not care at all about being "healthy" and taking an active role in my health because I used to be in most of the sports clubs and even dance from grade8-9 when I was still in JH. It was just this year that I started with my goals of boosting my stamina and keeping a good pace to prolong my runs; I've improved in this area a lot because going to practices for Rugby helps with this because most of our warm ups and activities that we do to practice for our games are types that helps us to keep running throughout the duration of the game without stopping. About 2-3 months ago I've started a routine of doing at home workouts by Blogilates at least 4 times a week, going for a run if it's a good day and going on hikes more often as summer season approaches. This summer Ima try to improve on my healthy diet which right now it ain't that good, so it'll be my goal to improve that by the end of summer vacation ! Overall I know that I've learned so much about my body than I ever did in any this year and I've grown to make better choices about my health, which include somewhat better diet plan, regular workouts fitting for my goals and dancing of course xD. Overall i deserve a 22% in this category. 

Digital Portfolio and Reflective Skills:
Throughout the semester I am constantly posting in my blog with digital evidence of my workouts and activities that I mention . I tried posting atleast once a week but missed some weeks without posting blogs for no reason, therefore I try to make up for it by posting 2 the following week. Ive blogged all my fitness scores with proper reasoning as to why the outcome of my fitness test results are the way they are. I have also blogged about my personal workouts and activities I've done with my sister, and friends. I try to have images with my posts and I will TRY to post more evidence on my future posts fort the remaining of the semester. Overall I think I deserve 22% in this category because i think that most of my posts are quality blogs that I try to elaborately explain how activities happen and what I felt after the activity or workout and attempt to provide evidence of i remember to, however i have yet  reached the goal of 30 posts so Ima be working on that. 

 Oh maan. I'm pretty choked it's almost the end of the semester and that PE10 is coming to an end. Gym class is probably my favourite class this semester considering my other class I dread going to but when it comes to PE I'm always looking forward coming to class. Ima be honest I was kinda scared the first week or so because it was my first time having PE in sulli so I didn't know if the gym trashed were gonna be strict or like fun. Mr. Neufeld actually intimidated me because he is a fairly big guy considering I'm hella short. But now I learned that all PE teacher's purpose is to make sure that we teeanagers make healthy choice in our lives because we usual gravitate towards what's convince by which isn't the most healthy for us. I've also learned that I should really stop putting pressure on my knee and listening to Mr.Neuf about resting it rather than pressuring it. Also I've learned that I'm able to set a goal and achive it if i work hard and I live up to it. I'm sad that this semester is almost at its end, but I will never forget the lessons I've learned along the way. Mr. Neuf you're so da awesome for always motivating us to work harder each day. U DA REAL MVP for putting up with a bunch of rowdy grade10s.. U SURVIVED  xD 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Volunteer x Tynehead Park Adventures

So last Saturday Kathleen, Bronte and myself offered to volunteer for PraiseTeam's Yearend show "One Day" as parking traffic volunteers. Our job was to make sure there ain't no people trying park illegally, and directing people to parking vacant spots. Our roles were pretty easy considering there was three of us working together. Afterwards, we walked to a bubble tea place nearby and just hung out and cooled ourselves down because of how warm it was outside. A couple minutes later we decided to kill time and venture out around Pacific Academy so we went on the bridge that crosses over Highway 1 and it led us to Tynehead Park. First thing that caught our attention was a trail way that had a cute tunnel made out of greenery. We walked til the end of the trail way for 1hr because everytime my friends and I found a cute bridge, plant, animal or tree we would stop and take a picture of it and with it xD going back it only took us 20min which was pretty crazy xD ahhahaha. We didn't expect the trial to be that long so we were pretty exhausted after that because we were all unprepared for it xD Nonethless it was very calming and such a peaceful walk whcuh was much needed before I start my crazy week filled with homework! 

Final Fitness Test!

ALRIGHTY! I did not know that today was fitness testing so I was quite in shock. So these are my results fam..

Beep test
Beginning of semester: 7.1
Latest: 8.0
I was so proud of myself for reaching that considering I haven't been excercising recently due to my messed up knee xD After this I felt my knee shaking and becoming unstable which was an indication that I overworked them which was my fault xD Nonetheless I felt really great after the beep test because I knew I did my best and I could barely talk after it. I think what really helped my beep test improve were the warm ups I was doing before I did the testing. We would do those warm ups before Rugby practices or games and it helped a lot with our pace and speed. 

Beginning of the sem: 12.23sec
Latest: 12.13sec 
There isn't really a drastic improvement in speed for my t-test but I'm not as concerned because I expected to do worse than what I had done considering I had shaky knee and felt unstable. 
Beginning of the sem: 5 
Latest: 5 
This is the area of fitness testing I'm proud of the most because flexibility tests are always my strongest. 

Balance: 14 tips in a min.
Plank: 1min30sec 

... I left out a few of the fitness testing because I  wass not able to do all of them. A friend was not feeling well so I had to be one of the girls to assist her to the office so they could take care of her there. By the time I came back I only had a under 10min to do the rest of my fitness testing so I just did what I could and what had no line. Day after fitness testing my legs were very sore particularly my knee. I literally could not stand up and balance myself or else I would fall down on the floor because of how weak and unstable my knees felt. I could walk around in them now but there are times where I just feel like I'm about to fall and that's when I would sit myself down xD but I honestly could care less because I was so proud of my fitness results and I cannot believe this is my last fitness testing of the semester.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Modified Kickball

Wednesday of this week we had a choice of modified kickball or mini soccer game. I had chosen to do modified kickball because I've never really done it so I wanted to learn how it's played ! The concept was apparently alike to cricket, but I don't know how to play cricket so I just tried to understand during demo. This day I wasn't in the mood to do anything at all because my knee was cramping and it was causing me so much whenever I would run or put pressure unto it. I really liked how some students in our class would encourage students to go up which really pushes them to try the activity. An example of this is Danny, he would volunteer me up to kick and actually participate in the activity which I did xD some people might get pissed when people call them out for activities but in my opinion it's just a way for them to try and help you get involve in the activity. When it was my turn I was constantly getting distracted by the pain on my kne therefore I wasn't able to actually try my hardest when kicking or even just running towards the ball when it was getting kicked. Afterwards, I didn't really feel like it did anything to my body to improve it but nonetheless it was a fun activity especially does who likes to run and kick kickballs. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Adventures with BUNSO

So yesterday (Monday, May25) I was literally just on my desk all morning working on homeworks and projects. I felt so gross just sitting there so I thought of walking around the neighbourhood for fun xD I dragged my sister along with me so I ain't bored ! We just started along 64 and went on random turns and I basically just followed her lead cause I wouldn't know where to go. We ended up walking for 2 hours discovering random pathways and small parks. I just really needed that walk to get my mind off of homework for a bit and at the same time getting my mini workout in because we had pro-d therefore missing a day of PE. BTW . BUNSO  means/is the youngest member of the family. 

Thursday, 21 May 2015


YO THIS ACTIVITY HAS SUCH A COMPLICATED SPELLING TO ITS NAME... I struggled finding out how to spell it, then I realized I should've just googled it. HEH. ANYWAYS. Today it was kind of a choice day but not really. We had a choice between indoor Soccer and tchoukball. I chose tchoukball of course because last time I played it I had so much fun !! We were grouped pretty quickly considering half of us wore dark colours half of us wore lighter colors, so that's how we divided ourselves. NO NEED FOR PINNIES! We followed the general rules for half of the time we were playing the game until we started to get bored of the rules and decided to allow  intercepting. Because in addition of the intercepting rule I started to feel competitive and really in to the game, but at the same time having fun. It was great to see my team and the other team high-5ing their teammates whenever they get a point or even if they missed the shot. Everyone got along so well and it was great to see that no one felt out and everyone had chance to have their hand on the ball and throw it! 

Choice Day

Alrighty! We had a few activities planned out for us which we had to chose to do. Our choices were capture the flag, badminton, indoor ball hockey and weight room. I chose to go to the weight room. I didn't actually lift and use any of the equipment upstairs, but I did dance! I thought that it would be a great day to finally start creating choreo for my cousin's cotillion dance on her Debut and surprise dance performance for her by her cotillioners. A Debut is an entering to womanhood event when a teenage girl turns 18 on her birthday. Firstly, I did a light warm up by doing butt kicks, high knees, lunges, squats and jumping jacks. Secondly, I started listening to the song mix my other cousin put together for her cotillion and surprise production, from there I started thinking of choreo ideas. Honestly, it was so much harder than I expected to create 2 separate choreo. But I tried to put a few pieces together and ended up finishing 1/4 of the choreo for the cotillion and a little bit of the surprise production. After all the dancing I had done I felt so sweaty due to high temperature in the weight room and my legs (especially my knee) were getting a bit shaky because I haven't put that much pressure towards my legs/ knee in weeks. This is definitely a work in progress and I can't wait till I'm able to finish everything and I can finally teach the choreo because the Debut is approaching real quick. LOL